Elysium Host launch offer! Get up to 6gb of space w/ 80gb ba

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Elysium Host launch offer! Get up to 6gb of space w/ 80gb ba

Post  Freehosting on Tue Jan 08, 2008 3:25 pm

As a launching offer for Elysium Host, I will be offering 5 free starters package accounts to the first 5 who reply to this thread, for 6 months. DO NOT PM ME.

Here are the details:

Disk space: 500mb
Ftp accounts: 30
Email accounts: 30
Email lists: 30
SQL Databases: 30
Subdomains: 10
Parked domains: 5
Addon domains: 5
Bandwidth: 5gb

If you're not one of the first 5 people, you may also buy this plan from me at $2.50/month, $25/yr. Buying the plan for a year will get you a free domain name.

Since my site design is in the making, goto Elysium Host Plans (http://www.elysium-host.com/plans) for the rest of my plans.

PM me to make a custom plan.

Also, if your site has more than 300+ visitors OR 200+ unique visitors daily, OR has a google pagerank of 4 or higher, i'll host you for free. Just prove to me that you meet the criteria. I'll then decide to host you on one of the four plans i have. PM me if you feel that your site meets this criteria.


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