$3 1 time setup fee Hosting!

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$3 1 time setup fee Hosting! Empty $3 1 time setup fee Hosting!

Post  Freehosting on Tue Jan 08, 2008 3:19 pm

Hey i have a huge problem i had been working on my site for almost a year and it rocked.

My webhost has 500 MB, 5 GB bandwidth , PHP, FTP, MySQL , and all the rest of tht stuff its super fast 2.

But the problem is my bandwidth went over so i had to pay $3.27 cents and i cant pay other than Credit Card , and im only 15 years OLD! so im basically screwed.

Ill be willing to give u 300 MB, and dont worry about the bandwidth im changing my domain so know one will know about the site. So if any1 woud be kind enuff to pay it ill give them a 300 mb and ftp account :classic2:

Contact me @ kolin_raphael@hotmail.com

THX ALOT Very Happy!


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