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Go down Community is back online and ready for new r Empty Community is back online and ready for new r

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Site has recently undergone a major system upgrade and migration to new hardware configuration. It was previously in beta testing mode but had already acquired well over 10,000 active users in a very short time period.

We're pleased to announce our new system is up and running and ready for new users to sign up. Please come by and take a look. Documentation is being added, updated online forums for technical support, and enhanced features are now available for those of you who have visited before.

100MB storage - no set bandwidth limit*

(*- want to know how this is possible?, we keep an eye on our system. We remove offending files and user accounts that upload massive files and warez, etc... - we reserve our resources for legitimate web site uses - personal pages, etc...). We WANT additional site traffic, so long as the traffic can eventually lead to more users signing up for our free service.

We have very big plans in store for the future... all we need is for folks to try us, and if they like the service, tell 10 friends. (I know that sounds canned, but it's the best way to advertise without annoying people too much).

We are ad-supported, but ONLY public pages!... NOT user pages. So your core website will be ad-free. Our own public pages contain the administration pages to setup and manage user sites -- that is what pays for our existence.

Stop by and tell us what you think. We're working hard to become a major player in the free hosting marketplace.

Thanks for allowing us to post!
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