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Post  Freehosting on Tue Jan 08, 2008 3:13 pm


Lolercaust offers a good hosting service so i thought id share it here... and this is what they offer:

100 mb storage
1 gig bandwidth
cpanel with fantastico
PHP/CGI/POP3 email
20 mysql databases
20 email addresses
unlimited ftp access
20 ftp accounts

additional upgrade available... to upgrade you must pay with either money or virtual money (aquired by posting in the forums)

using the same system they MAY be able to (hopefully by the end of the month) to supply you with game/voice servers for clans... again paid for by virtual or real money....

all they as is you post 3 times a week...

if anyone here sign up please mention that 'vipes' referred you...

thank you...


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