Crazy Hosting Offer - 800Mb of Space CPanel, 10GB of Bandwid

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Crazy Hosting Offer - 800Mb of Space CPanel, 10GB of Bandwid Empty Crazy Hosting Offer - 800Mb of Space CPanel, 10GB of Bandwid

Post  Freehosting on Tue Jan 08, 2008 5:45 am

Hi Everyone

As a gift to all members of forums i would like to offer the following. I know what it is like to try and find a host, which allowed the ability for growth. I like many others searched thru many forums to find a quality free host. :classic2:

Now that i have the ability (and funds) i can maybe help some people :classic2:

What i am Offering:
800 MB of Storage Space
10GB of Bandwidth
CPanel 9.4
5 MySQL Databases - with phpMyAdmin Access
Fantastico Instant Script Installer
10 FTP Accounts
20 Email Addresses
10 Mailing Lists
Frontpage Extentions

What i am not Offering

Shell Acess (via SSH, Telnet, Jailed Shell, or any other form of shell)
File Storage - this is hosting not file storage

What I require of you(this is where you get worried :shocked2: )

You must provide me with a description of what your site will contain / or its topic. (as best as possible)
Your site must not contain illegal material, such as warez porn etc.
Your site must not be used as a place for storing files, i am offering hosting not file storage. Any sites which are deemed inactive due to only storing files will we terminated!
You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to the server through any unauthorised means. (ie. the use of scripts which allow shell access)

I would really like it if you had a current site which i can preview.

It would also be really good if you had a TLD Domain, eg but this is not a concrete condition.

All Sites running on a 100Mbit Connected Server Network

If you have a sufficient need for specs greater than what is offered we may be able to work out some arrangement - BUT Please note you must justify this!

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