UPTO 1gb Space, 40gb Transfer Free Hosting

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UPTO 1gb Space, 40gb Transfer Free Hosting Empty UPTO 1gb Space, 40gb Transfer Free Hosting

Post  Freehosting on Mon Jan 07, 2008 8:37 am

Before you rush to sign up- this is application only and you must meet the requirements or your application will be rejected without even looking at it.

I am offering some of NecronHosting's plans free to websites that meet the requirements below:

You must have a website online and visitor stats available (stats page or screenshot).
You must have atleast 1000 daily views, not 1000 page views and not 1000 unique views, although unique would be nice. You must also prove this.
It must NOT be a download site. It must have 100% legal content, and no mp3, zip, rar, exe, movie etc. files at all.

All languages are accepted, this offer isn't limited to English only websites, although the webmaster must be able to speak English well enough to communicate with.

You have the option to either link back to NecronHosting, or to display Google ads for us. The number of accounts we host for free will depend on the plans, and the number of sites displaying ads for us.

To apply, PM me with your website URL, a link to your visitor stats, and a description of your website. If i don't reply within a few days, you've been rejected so don't request again.

If you have any questions, feel free to post here.


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