2webh.net Free Direct Admin hosting NO ADS! 50mb/1GB band

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2webh.net Free Direct Admin hosting NO ADS! 50mb/1GB band

Post  Freehosting on Mon Jan 07, 2008 8:30 am

2webh.net have finally launched their free hosting plan available to all.

Here is the plan

50 mb space
1GB band
5 email accounts
5 email lists
5 FTP accounts
5 subdomains
5 MySQL databases
5 parked domains
5 addon domains
5 email accounts
5 autoresponders
5 domain pointers
Anonymous FTP accounts
Frontpage Extensions
Direct Admin
only 40 posts in the forum

You will need DNS nameservers but you don't need a top level domain.

Of course you would want to go for the free 1 gb space/ 10 gb band :shame: , the hosting is most likely to go down and you will have to move after a month or so, and 2webh.net does not plan to do this but instead give reasonable plans with good uptime and good support and survive for a long time as a result.

You might also want free web hosting with at the works with instant activation, everyone does, but that is not viable and the hosting company is bound to go down this way. Why not just settle for a few posts and then get hosting for a long time to come?

Of course it is your choice


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